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Hess Trucks, Hess Mini Trucks, Vintage Hess Toy Truck, Texaco Banks, Wings of Texaco,
The 2015 Wings of Texaco Airplane and 2015 Texaco Truck Bank

The Collections of D. P. Smith

Welcome to my Collections for sale. I have been collecting all my life and I am constantly adding new items to these Texaco and  Hess Trucks websites, all from my own personal collections and all are 100% Guaranteed.  So check back often!
                                                                      D. P. Smith


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Texaco Gas Station
Collectible Series
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Hess Gas Station
Toy Trucks
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Texaco Ertl Truck Banks
 Wings of Texaco Airplanes, Texaco Tugboats
 Texaco Gas Stations most popular series.
 2015 Texaco Plane and Truck
50 different years of Hess Trucks are
offered along with Hess Mini Trucks.
 All Mint in Mint Box. 2015 Hess Truck.

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The 2015 Hess Truck is coming!