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All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality.


Hess Trucks Collection of D.P.Smith

Hess Toy Truck
1964 and 1965 Hess Trucks

All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality that
I can possibly find.

       The Hess B Mack Tanker Truck
 In 1964 Hess issued its first promotional toy truck, the B Mack Tanker.  Painted in the first company colors of dark green and white with yellow accents it measures 12 1/2 inches long. It has working head and tail lights with a switch at the back of the truck for operating it. It sold at the stations for $1.29 with the battery which Hess still includes with all its trucks till this day. The tanker could be filled with water using the red funnel that was included and then emptied through the attached rubber hose. Marked "Made in Hong Kong by Marx Toy Company" on the bottom of the truck. The Hess Company logo appears in the middle of the tanker with separate decals surrounding it labeled Solvents and Chemicals, Fuel Oils and Gasoline. Hess logo decals are on both cab doors. The colorful green, white and yellow silk-screened box has service station and refinery scenes. The bottom half of the box is solid green. It is marked on the box "Authentically Styled Miniature of the Hess Tank Trailer" from "America's Fastest Growing Integrated Oil Company."  Also marked "Made in Hong Kong."  Instructions show how to operate the vehicle.
This uniquely designed high quality plastic truck was issued to be a promotional item for kids to play with but later became highly sought after as the first truck of the collection.
 The B Mack Tanker was reissued in 1965 with no changes.

Click actual photo of truck and box

1964-1965 B Mack Tanker Truck

Original Price: $1.29 - 150,000 made

This truck is in Excellent condition.
It is complete with ALL original parts.
A clean white tanker with NO cracks or breaks and all
decals are present and completely intact except for
one on the tanker which has some loss.
(Please see all photos)
Tanker and cab are still a nice shiny color and
 are not discolored, the hoses
and tires are in excellent condition with no defects.
This truck shows very well.
The battery was left in and corroded
and the lights are no longer working
There is no funnel. It has a battery card but has
 been damaged from the leaking battery along
 with the bottom of the box.
Good solid box with some edge wear and some
marks but with good bright colors.
Truck - Condition 9.0  / Box Condition 8.5


Click actual photos of truck and box

1964-1965 B Mack Tanker Truck

Original Price: $1.29 - 150,000 made

This truck is in Mint condition.
I searched all year and this is the best I could find.

Has all original parts.
Tires and hoses are like new, hoses are soft and supple.
 Decals are in outstanding condition and are 99+% intact.
No cracks, chips or damage or marks on
 green or yellow painted areas.
 A very clean white tanker, boxed kept truck with
 a good shine to all surfaces. 
No discoloration a near pristine truck.
All lights are working. 
Outstanding solid box with bright vivid graphics.
Original funnel is here along with the cardboard insert.
Still has the original tissue paper it was issued with.
Flawless original battery card is included.
 Please see all close-up photos.
Truck - Condition 9.9+ / Box Condition 9.5+


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I am not affiliated with or connected in any way to any gas station companies.
 All photos and descriptions on this site are the property of D.P. Smith.
                       Yours,  Duane

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