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50 years of Hess Toy Trucks including the 1975 and 1976 Hess Tractor Trailer Trucks.

Hess Toy Trucks Collection of D.P.Smith

Hess Toy Trucks
1975 and 1976 Hess Trucks

All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality that I can possibly find.

The 1975 and 1976 Hess box trailer and barrel truck
      In 1975 a newly designed cab and box trailer replicated from the Hess Co. delivery fleet was introduced.
 Molded in
 green plastic with red wheels and bumpers.
14" long. Chrome accessories and one-piece windshield. Operating head
 and tail lights.
Sliding doors are on both sides of the box trailer and open and close. The battery compartment is inside disguised as a pallet. Back doors also open. Came with three unmarked miniature oil drums.  Paper decals marked
 "Hess" run around the entire box trailer. Over time many become wrinkled and deteriorated.  Bottom of trailer marked
 "Made in Hong Kong" and "Amerada Hess Corporation"  It came in a white box with silk-screened green, yellow and
 red colors with pictures of the truck and Hess service station. It also came with top and bottom cardboard inserts
 and a battery instruction card
       In 1976 Hess reissued the 1975 box trailer. Although they look similar there were several variations.
1975 had a one-piece molded cab and the 1976 was changed to a two-piece.
The unmarked oil drums of 1975 had Hess labels added in 1976. The color of the 1976 is darker then the 1975.


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1975 Hess Tractor Trailer

Original Price: $2.29 - 500,000
Box-Type Trailer, one-piece cab
3 oil drums unmarked -  Made in Hong Kong
This truck is in mint condition,
and has been kept in it's box.
It is complete with all original parts
including the 3 barrels.  All labels are 100% intact.
All chrome, barrels and tires are in excellent condition.
 All lights are working.
 Outstanding clean white box is near perfect.
Both cardboard inserts and battery card included.

Truck - C10 / Box - C9.9



1976 Hess Tractor Trailer

Original Price: $2.29 - 500,000 made
Box-Type Trailer, two-piece cab
3 oil drums marked Hess -  Made in Hong Kong
This truck is in mint condition.
This truck is complete with all original parts
including the 3 barrels. All chrome,
barrels and tires are in perfect condition.
Labels are 100% intact. All lights shine brightly.
 Outstanding clean white box with a small
tear and wrinkle along the top edge of the box
as it's only defect. (See photos)
 Includes both cardboard inserts and battery card.
Truck - 10 / Box - C9.9

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                       Yours,  Duane

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