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Hess Toy Trucks
1977 and 1978 Hess Trucks

All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality that I can possibly find.

The 1977 and 1978 Hess Tanker truck
      Christmas of 1977 brought a newly detailed Hess Fuel Oil Truck. Dark green and white molded plastic with
yellow accents. 13 1/2" long. More chrome was added from previous years. Working head and tail lights. The tanker
 reads "Fuel Oils" on one side and "Gasoline" on the other. Battery cover reads "Amerada Hess Corporation. Made in
Hong Kong" with roman numerals MCMLXXVII (1977). Two-piece box has pictures of the tanker and a Hess
service station. Two cardboard inserts and battery installation card.
In 1978 Hess reissued the 1977. The truck and the box are identical for the majority of trucks. However,
an unknown number of trucks had one small hard to distinguish feature. The back label on the 1977 measures 1 inch high, the 1978 7/8 inch high. The 1977's lettering of Hess is also flatter and longer.


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Truck - C10 / Box - C10

1978 Hess Fuel Oil Tanker

Original price: $2.39 -600,000 made
This truck is in Mint condition.
Truck is complete will all original parts.
All labels are intact and in good condition.
All lights are working.

Outstanding clean white box with no real discoloration
and no creases, rips, tears or damage.,
(See photo) All cardboard inserts and battery card.

Truck - C10 / Box - C10

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I am not affiliated with or connected in any way to any gas station companies.
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                       Yours,  Duane

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