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Hess Trucks Collection of D.P.Smith

Hess Toy Trucks
1980 Hess Training Van

All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality that
I can possibly find. I will not offer anything less. Guaranteed!

        In 1980 a new design emerged. The "Hess Training Van is a GMC motor home replica
 of the van Hess used for training seminars at Hess stations. 11.5" long. Molded in white
plastic with green accents. Operating head and tail lights, pop-up tv antenna, operating
side door. Company name and logo silk-screened on sides. New Jersey license plates.
 Detailed interior with chrome mirrors, bumpers and wipers.
 Bright green one-piece box with 4 different views of the van. Came with instruction card.
Both cardboard inserts fit in tightly and care should be taken when pulling it out of box.
The small plastic door handle often breaks off. Factory glue marks are common along
seams including the green stripe and around lights. The clear glue has darkened with age.
 The hubcaps were glued on and many show the glue oozing out from underneath. 
These are factory flaws but do effect the value.
The van is marked underneath "Amerada Hess Corporation"
 and "Made in Hong Kong" Copyright 1978.

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Actual photos of truck and box


1980 GMC Training Van

Original price: $3.29 -600,000 made

Van is complete with all original parts
and is in Outstanding Condition.
Clean and white, with no discoloration. 
Clean tires with no glue. Small loss of chrome on bumper.
No cracks or damage to this truck and very little
 light glue discoloration along the seam.
All lights checked and all are in good working order.
Outstanding box with good color and no damage. (See photos)
Includes both cardboard inserts and a battery card.
Condition -  Truck - 9.9/Box - 9.9


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I am not affiliated with or connected in any way to any gas station companies.
 All photos and descriptions on this site are the property of D.P. Smith.

                       Yours,  Duane

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50 years of Hess Toy Trucks including 1980 Hess Training Van as well as Texaco Collectibles.





 50 years of Hess Toy Trucks including the 1980 Hess Training Van as well as Texaco Collectibles.