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Hess Toy Trucks Collection of D.P.Smith

Hess Toy Trucks
of the 2000's

All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality.
All Trucks are Mint in Mint Box.

All have been kept in the box and never displayed.
Mint boxes with all inserts
 and battery card.
2000 Hess Fire Ladder Truck 2000 Fire Ladder Truck
Original price: $18.99
Features heavy-duty extension ladder & detachable ladders, pulsating emergency flashers, sirens and horn.

Mint in Mint Box     Truck - C10  Box- C10

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2001 Hess Helicopter 2001 Hess Helicopter
Original Price: $19.95

With operating rotors and searchlight. Includes motorcycle
 and land cruiser with working lights & friction motors.

Mint in Mint Box     Helicopter - C10  Box- C10

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2002 Hess Truck with Bi-Plane 2002 Hess Toy Truck & Bi-Plane
Original Price: $19.99
Sharp looking flatbed truck with lots of lights.
 With bi-plane with light and operating propeller.
Mint in Mint Box     Truck - C10  Box- C10

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2003 Hess Truck and Racers 2003 Hess Toy Truck and Race Cars
Original Price: $19.99
Features two  Indy style race cars with pull-back
 motors and working head and tail lights.
Mint in Mint Box     Truck - C10  Box- C10

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40th Anniversary 1964-2004
2004 Hess SUV
40th Anniversary Edition
2004 Hess SUV with Motorcycles
Original Price: $20.99
Sport Utility Vehicle with working head and tail lights.
Two friction powered motorcycles with working lights.
Mint in Mint Box     Truck - C10  Box- C10

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2005 Hess Emergency Truck

2005 Hess Emergency Truck
with Rescue Vehicle
Original Price: $20.99
With working headlights, flashers and spotlights. 3 different sounds. Includes Rescue vehicle w/lights & friction motor.
Mint in Mint Box     Truck - C10  Box- C10

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2006 Hess Toy Truck and Helicopter
Original Price: $21.99
  Featuring a large tractor with flashing headlights hauling a flatbed trailer equipped with 31 individual working lights and  fully-functioning helicopter with 2-mode operating rotors.
Mint in Mint Box     Truck - C10  Box- C10

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2007 Hess Monster Truck
Original Price: $21.99
Last years addition to the Hess Truck collection was a
Monster Truck with Motorcycles. The truck has working
lights, flashing lights and 3 different sound features.
 The motorcycles have lights and friction motors.

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2008 Hess Toy Truck
and Front End Loader
Original Price: $22.99
One of the most popular Hess trucks of all time.
This high quality toy truck features 38 working lights, ignition, horn, back-up alert sounds and a sound enhanced working hydraulic arm. The Front Loader features 18 working lights, a motor for forward and reverse motion, a movable
bucket arm, a working shovel and more.  

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2009 Hess Race Car and Racer
This years Hess truck is a Race Car!
Original Price: $22.99
 The large Race Car features 29 lights and 3 sound features
 and comes with a smaller racer with lights and a pull-back racing motor. The small racer fits inside the larger one. 

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2010 Hess Toy Truck and Jet Plane
Original Price: $25.99
The Hess truck for 2010 is a 14-wheeler
  tractor trailer with jet plane.
    This high quality toy truck has plenty of features
including 42 lights, 3 lighting modes and a tilting hydraulic
launch ramp. The jet features 13 lights and
 3 motion-activated sound effects.


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I am not affiliated with or connected in any way to any gas station companies.
 All photos and descriptions on this site are the property of D.P. Smith.

                       Yours,  Duane

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