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  1964-65 Hess B Tanker Truck


  1966 Hess Voyager Ship


  1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker Truck


  1968 Hess Tanker Truck Perth Amboy


  1970 Hess Fire Truck  
  1972 Hess Tanker Truck  
  1974 Hess Tanker Truck  
  1975 Tractor Trailer Truck  
  1976 Tractor Trailer Truck  
  1978 Hess Tanker Truck  
  1980 GMC Training Van  
  1982/83 "The First Hess Truck"              
  1984 Tanker Tractor Trailer Bank     


  1985 "The First Hess Truck" Bank


  1986 Red Aerial Ladder Fire Truck


  1987 Tractor Trailer w/barrels


  1988  Race Car Transporter             


  1989 White Aerial Ladder Fire Truck 


  1990 Semi-Tanker Truck
  1991 Race Car Transporter
  1992 18 Wheeler Box Truck w/Race Car
  1993 Patrol Car  
  1994 Rescue Truck                        
  1995 Flat-bed Semi w/Helicopter 
  1996 Emergency Truck  
  1997 Tractor Trailer w/Race Cars  
  1998 Recreation Van  
  1999 Truck and Space Shuttle


  2000 Fire Ladder Truck                     
  2001 Hess Helicopter  
  2002 Hess Toy Truck and Plane  
  2003 Hess Toy Truck and Race Cars  
  2004 Hess SUV w/motorcycles        
  2005 Hess Emergency Truck 
  2006 Hess Truck and Helicopter
  2007 Hess Toy Monster Truck               
  2008 Hess Truck and Front Loader      
  2009 Hess Race Car & Racer
  2010 Hess Truck and Jet Plane      
  2011 Hess Toy Truck and Racer     
  2012 Hess Toy Helicopter    
  2013 Hess Toy Truck and Tractor   
  2014 Hess Truck and Space Cruiser    
  2015 Hess Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue    
  2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster    
  1998 Hess Mini Tanker Truck  
  1999 Hess Mini Fire Truck    
  2000 Hess Mini First Truck   
  2001 Hess Mini Race Transporter   
  2002 Hess Mini Voyager Ship   
  2003 Hess Mini Patrol Car   
  2004 Hess Mini B Mack Tanker    
  2005 Hess Mini Helicopter   
  2006 Hess Mini 18 Wheeler & Racer   
  2007 Hess Mini Rescue Truck    
  2008 Hess Mini Recreation Van   
  2009 Hess Mini Truck with Space Shuttle   
  2010 Hess Mini Fire Truck   
  2011 Hess Mini Helicopter Transport   
  2012 Hess Mini Truck and Bi-Plane   
  2013 Hess Mini Truck with racers    
  2014 Hess Mini SUV   


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