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Hess Toy Trucks Collection of D.P.Smith

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All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality.
All Trucks are Mint in Mint Box.

All have been kept in the box and never displayed.
Mint boxes with all inserts
 and battery card unless otherwise stated. Guaranteed!

Special limited editions not released to the general public and also trucks with unintended variations
 of the normal release that year making them rare and a must addition for the serious collector


Mint in Box

Truck C10 - Box C10
The 50th Anniversary of Hess Trucks
2014 Collectors Edition Hess Truck

This individually numbered limited edition truck is a modernized tanker truck with a smaller version of the original 1964 tanker inside. Yellow fenders, red accents and lots of chrome. It has over 100 lights including 27 bright LEDs with first ever undercarriage lighting. A door at the back of the tanker gives access to the lighted interior showcase where the small 1964 B-Mack tanker truck is stored. It comes in a commemorative display box with protective sleeve.

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 Mint in Mint Box

Truck C10 - Box C10

2006 Mini Chrome First Hess Truck

 Not Available to General Public  
 On May 9, 2006 this truck was given to executives to commemorate the changing of the company name from Amerada Hess to Hess Corp. It is the same as the 2000 Miniature First Hess Truck but done in a chrome finish and labeled May 2006.
Extremely low number of these were made.
Truck is brand new, never out of box.


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Mint in Box
Truck - C10 / Box C9.9+

2006 NYSE Hess Truck

 Not Available to General Public - 3.000 made
 On May 9, 2006 this truck was given out at the
 New York Stock Exchange
to commemorate the changing
 of the company name from Amerada Hess to Hess Corp.
It is the same as the 1997 Hess Truck and Race Cars with differences. One race car has  HES on the side and one has AHC.
The Truck has HESS CORPORATION on the side.
 It was issued in a plain white box with Hess Corporation
on it. Only 3000 were made making it one of the least
issued of all Hess Trucks. Working lights.
Includes both cardboard inserts, race car boxes & instruction card.


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1995 Special Chrome
Hess Truck and Helicopter

Not Available to General Public - 600 made

Comes with green velvet base.
This is a rare and beautiful piece.
Only 600 of these were made.
All truck lights are working
Box with holograms and trimmed in chrome.

All cardboard inserts and battery card included.

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Only 10,000 issued
Not sold to public.

1993 Premium Diesel Tanker
Not Available to General Public - 10,000 made
Released in 1993 to promote the sale of Hess' new premium diesel fuel. Given to station owners and dealers, was never sold publicly.
The truck is in mint condition. Never out of the box.
The box is like new crisp, pure white, no discoloration but
with a ding in one corner. (See photo). All cardboard inserts.
Includes the letter to the recipient from Hess.
(See photo)

   Truck - C-10  Box - C-9.9


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Truck - C-10 Box - C-9.9

1987 Tractor w/ Box Trailer
Original price: $5.99- Unknown # made

Made in China
Sometime during the making of the 1987 Hess Truck
 production was changed from Hong Kong to China.
 Very few China Trucks exist. It is estimated
 only 10% were. Truck has been box kept.
 Barrels in plastic. Bank tab in place.
With all four cardboard inserts.



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Diamond tank photo is example.

Truck - C-10 Box - C-10

1987 Tractor w/ Box Trailer

Original price: $5.99- Unknown # made
Rare Smooth Tank
 with three drums labeled Hess
Made in Hong Kong, Smooth gas tanks
   Sometime in the production of the 1987 Hess Truck
 some were made with smooth gas tanks instead of
 the usual diamond textured tanks. All other aspects
 of the truck are the same. Barrels in plastic. Bank tab in place.
With all cardboard inserts.


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Truck - C-9.5 / Box - C-9.9

1977 Hess Fuel Oil Tanker

Original price: $2.39 -600,000 made
Rare Black Switch
This truck is in Near Mint condition.
Truck is complete will all original parts.
The only defect on this truck is some wear on
part of the labels. (See actual photos)
The chrome is all shiny with no wear and the
tires and hose are all good.  All lights are working.
Outstanding clean white box with no damage.
Includes all cardboard inserts and the battery card.


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1969 Hess Tanker Truck
Amerada Hess

Not available to public - 10,000 made

Considered the rarest of all Hess trucks this early model is the same as the 1968/1969 tankers trucks but with the wording on both sides and rear of the tanker changed to read "Amerada Hess". The "Fuel Oil" decal on the left and the "Gasoline" decal on the right remain but the logos on the cab doors disappeared. This truck was not sold at the stations and was not available to the public but was rather an in-house promotion to employees and distributors to promote the new company name. During 1969 the Hess Oil Company merged with Amerada Petroleum Corp.


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I am not affiliated with or connected in any way to any gas station companies.
 All photos and descriptions on this site are the property of D.P. Smith.

                       Yours,  Duane

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