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This web page features my personal collection of Texaco Ertl Truck Banks Including:

Texaco Bank #1 
1913 Model T Van

Texaco Bank #2
1926 Mack Tanker

Texaco Bank #3
1932 Ford Delivery Van



This page contains detailed descriptions of some of the Texaco banks for sale. Click Here to return to the full collection.

Texaco Nostalgic Collector Series

Texaco introduced the 1st Ertl bank, the "1913 Model T Van" in 1984. Each year another high quality die-cast model is offered as a promotion at Texaco stations. Each one is a locking bank and comes in a colorful well marked box.                                    



Year 1984
Stock #2128

Texaco Ertl Bank #1

1913 Model T Van
Original price: $5.99 - 8,500 made
This truck is free of any defects and is in Mint Condition.
Brand new condition, has spent it's life in the box. 
Locking coin bank with key.
Clean white box with minimal defects.
See actual photos of box.
 Truck Condition - 10 / Box condition - 9.9+

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Year 1985

Stock #9238

Texaco Ertl Bank #2 

1926 Mack Bulldog Tanker
Original price: $6.99 - 5,000 made
This truck is in Mint Condition.
Locking coin bank with key. Original, #'s match on truck and box. 
Very good box with a scrape on top and some minimal wear.

Truck C-10 / Box C-9.5

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Year 1986
Stock #9396UO


Texaco Ertl Bank #3

1932 Ford Delivery Van 
Original price: $7.99 - 104,000 made
This truck is in Mint Condition.
Locking coin bank with key. Original, #'s match on truck and box.
Box has some shelf wear. 
Truck  C-10/ Box - C 9

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I am not affiliated with or connected in any way to any gas station companies.
All photos and descriptions on this site are the property of D.P. Smith.

                                                 Yours,  Duane Smith


Texaco gas station promotional series featuring Texaco Ertl Truck Banks and Wings of Texaco Airplanes. Free Priority Shipping.