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Longaberger Baskets, Hess Trucks and Texaco Collectibles from the Collections of D.P.SmithAbout D. P. Smith

The Year was 1966

It all began....

with bottle caps when I was a kid. I must have had thousands of them. I would line them up, rows of Cokes, 7-ups, Pepsi's and different Nehi's stretched down the sidewalk. I would bike around town to all the stores and gas stations and convince them to empty the soda machines of the caps that would fall into a bin below the opener. One day as I was biking away the gas station man yelled "Hey Kid! What are you doing with all those bottle caps?" It took me a moment to think and then I yelled back "I'm collecting em!" A collector was born. Soon I was collecting anything and everything.

Today I collect actively in over 60 categories and the instinct to collect and preserve the heritage of our past has not diminished. The bottle caps are long gone now, but I have some of my finest collections that I am now ready to share with you. All the items in this web site are from my own personal collections that I have acquired over the years. Only the Best.

 Hess Truck Collector

Good Luck Hunting! 
                          Yours, Duane



Welcome to the antique capital of the world

Living here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and Amish farmlands it's a mecca for Antiques, Collectibles and Flea Market "stuff." With small towns like Adamstown, Ephrata, Intercourse, Paradise, and Bird-in-Hand home to thousands of dealers, millions of visitors from around the world flock here to find their treasures and I've been afforded home field advantage. Everyone is invited to pick up their purchase here at the homestead and talk collections if you like.